Purpose of the Journal

The purpose of the Journal of Art and Aesthetics in Nursing and Health Sciences

is to provide nurses, physicians, educators, social workers, and those involved in the care of others across the disciplines, a forum in which to share reflections on caring for persons and the environment. Caring may be illuminated and shared in aesthetic expressions such as poetry, visual art, dance, music, vignettes of exquisite care, and articles that contribute to the meaning and understanding of caring science. Items sought for publication are those that reveal the extraordinary caring relationships occurring among persons in health and illness.


The Journal is a fully online multi-media journal published 2 times per year in Spring and Fall. There Journal remains free of charge to readers and may be downloaded in a variety of electronic formats.

Peer Review Process

All items submitted for publication are evaluated in a blinded, peer review process by members of our Review Panel of international scholars. There is no fee for submission.


Editorial Advisory Board

International Peer Review Panel